A review of ben jerrys double dip

Here, writing with freelancer Maran, they relate how they started out by giving away ice-cream cones and since then have mounted free movie festivals and voter registration drives, hired the homeless, given to community causes in lieu of advertising, gone partners with nonprofit civic groups on some of their franchised "scoop shops," demonstrated truck refrigeration run by solar energy and promoted their first stock issue on ice-cream containers.

They chose Burlington, Vermont as the second-best place to start their ice cream venture, mostly due to the fact that it was a great college town in desperate need of an ice cream parlor, and because their first choice -- Saratoga Springs, New York -- already had an ice cream parlor.

Values-led business is based on the idea that business, which has become the most powerful force in society, has to accept responsibility for the welfare of that society and the people in it.

Ben and Jerry write: Like their fortysomething followers, they believe the most flattering image of themselves: What Our Readers Are Saying. Yet the company has become an even more powerful agent for social change by embracing a "values-led" business philosophy.

Recommended for public and academic libraries with business collections. Frantic, Carter laid off all but two employees and called Ben.

Profits had plummeted, the superpremium ice cream market was shrinking; in short, the company had grown too complicated for a "multi-college dropout and failed pottery teacher to run," Ben announced. Inafter several stints at various colleges, Ben moved to Paradox in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York State in to become a craft teacher at the Highland Community School, a small residential school for emotionally disturbed adolescents on a acre working farm.

Ben was there for approximately three years, building his own house and working as the school cook in addition to teaching pottery, stained glass, photography, film making, and the yearbook.

For example, one tenet of caring capitalism is to be "real," to "connect with the customer. Staff View SUMMARY In this text, the authors explain their business method, that of values-led business, and how anyone who owns, works for, invests in, or shops with a company might help make it a socially responsible business using this method.

With this book we admit to having greater aspirations.

Ben & Jerry’s Double-Dip

Excerpts of dialog between Ben and Jerry, sprinkled throughout, add a "homey" flavor. The two settled on ice cream and started performing research. What does the article have to say? In the end, LaSoul was just not a viable business enterprise. Ben left the school in and decided to go into the food business with his childhood pal, Jerry.

He was left half a million dollars in debt. Ben flew down to New Jersey to tape a TV show of himself helping ex-addicts mix batches of the new Apple Pie frozen yogurt.

In addition, the authors maintain, this type of business is more apt to attract employees and customers with similar social values, which could increase sales and profitability. It also seeks to maximize its impact by integrating socially beneficial actions into as many of its day-to-day activities as possible from raw materials to retailing.

The authors draw from their own experience of managing all aspects of their business, from marketing their product and selecting franchise operators to investing in socially responsible companies.

This informal and easygoing style makes us believe that the two really want to make a difference in this world. Cohen and Greenfield assure us here that selling need not lead to selling out. Rosin, Hanna 11 people found this helpful. After two years, however, sales of the flavor were flagging.

Now Holland has been replaced by a man who had been chief operating officer for a firearms manufacturer.Ben & Jerry's double-dip: lead with your values and make money, too User Review - Not Available - Book Verdict. Picking up where they left off in Ben & Jerry's: The Inside Scoop (LJ 4/1/94), entrepreneurs Ben and Jerry continue the story of their successful ice cream company with their ideas on bettering the.

Ben Jerry's Double Dip: How to Run a Values Led Business and Make Money Too

Business Times A very different kind of business book, Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip shows how a company can win the respect of its community, loyalty of its customers, and healthy profits, too, by addressing social concerns as well as the bottom line.

In Double Dip, Ben and Jerry recount-with the irreverent humor and unfettered imagination that brought us such memorable flavors as ‘Cherry Garcia,’ ‘Wavy Gravy,’ and ‘Chubby Hubby’-many of their funniest, most successful, and least traditional marketing schemes.

In there was the coast-to-coast ‘Two Real Guys’ Scoop-A-Thon, which ended.

Ben & Jerry's double-dip : lead with your values and make money, too /

Review by Booklist Review Cynics sometimes insinuate that the successful combination of social values and profits realized by ice-cream purveyor Ben and Jerry's Homemade, Inc., is too good to be true. In Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield offer the ultimate insider's guide to creating a values-led bus In Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield offer the ultimate insider's guide to creating a values-led business that makes money while benefiting the entire community/5.

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A review of ben jerrys double dip
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