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With thousands of eateries serving a population of just over two million, Samantha Wood was inspired to create a blog that would provide practical, impartial and intelligent restaurant reviews that bring you the latest and greatest in what and where to dine in Dubai.

Many professionals living abroad have high disposable incomes and live in places without extended family or old friendships. Although traditional expat packages have shrunk in the past decade, many still receive generous compensation.

Something about Dubai, the most famous of the seven kingdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates, makes living in the desert seem exotic and luxurious. The companies located within the Emirate, require a local partner and working on the mainland can mean following Islamic laws and customs.

She told the BBC she would only make a statement "when I feel the time is right and I have received all the information concerning Lauren".

How did you handle it? Written by a writer and teacher, Lucy Martin, who moved to Dubai inbbc middle east business report dubai expats blogs blog explores what it means to be a British expat living abroad.

The extravagant brunches of expat elites

Yet work permits can be easily revoked and this makes employees from overseas very wary of upsetting the authorities. Lucy talks openly and honestly about her difficulty adjusting to her new home and how little things such as a good book or her pet cat help her dispel her blues when she is feeling particularly nostalgic or homesick.

The blog has a calendar full of events that will capture your attention, making you drop whatever it is you are doing at the moment and seize the opportunity to indulge in whichever field grabs your interest. Nomee Gulfam Many can afford it. If you love to eat and want to discover new and unique restaurants, this blog provides some great information on where to go to get the most mouth-watering food in town.

For the avid explorer, there are many places to see; some are popular tourist destinations while others are hidden jewels that are less well known.

Job descriptions can change unexpectedly after an employee joins a company, often due to the economic climate or changing regulations.

The year-old former tech consultant moved from Arizona in the US more than four years to become chief operating officer at Elkta Gulf, a Dubai-based electronics and appliances wholesaler and got such a package.

An environmentalist by profession, Jasmine uses her blog as an outlet for her passion for the many culinary delights Dubai has to offer. If you realise that your job is not a fit, moving to another company can be difficult.

While Qatar has recently supported opposition movements pushing for greater freedom across the Arab world, the nation itself remains very conservative and tightly controlled. FooDiva is dedicated to bringing you the most current foodie happenings in Dubai including gourmet shop openings, food features, interviews with chefs and competitions in the emirate.

Qatar expats shocked after UK teacher's suspected murder

View image of Credit: If you want to stay, most residence visas, allotted for a maximum of three years, are renewed without any hassles, but can involve a series of interviews with government officials and are still occasionally denied, said Srinivasan. However, two weeks after Lauren Patterson disappeared following a night out in the capital, Doha, officials have given few details about her disappearance.

Still, the chance to work with a multicultural workforce and posh quality of life make the current hassles worthwhile, she added. Image caption Public prosecutor Mohammed Rashed al-Binali says violent crime is "very rare" in Qatar The case has been referred to the attorney general.

Job-seeker beware Take note: Image caption High living standards and high tax-free salaries draw thousands of Britons to Qatar Groups sip cocktails around low tables decorated with colourful, illuminated ice buckets.

Shweta Dembla is a citizen journalist in Dubai who uses her blog, Dubai in a Frameto capture all the happening moments in the city. In global cities with large expat populations like Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai, these lavish brunches offer a natural platform to meet people, network, see and be seen.

We cannot give more details at the moment but the Ministry of Interior did arrest the suspects within 24 hours. A few years ago, sealing a job offer in Dubai would take just a few weeks, but now most employers take up to six months to hire a candidate, especially for a more senior role, said Rutter who works with senior executives and has been an expat in Dubai since However, staff refused to comment, saying they had been advised not to.Featured below are blogs from residents who have lived in Dubai and provide both visitors as well as inhabitants of the city with invaluable information on many different topics.

Grapeshisha is a multi-author blog that has been around for a while and features tips and local knowledge on business, property, culture, news, tourism and a whole.

The extravagant brunches of expat elites. middle managers’ expat pay packages average $, Many expats in Dubai say this style of brunch was not a part of the weekend culture in. How Twitter keeps up with the rapid pace of change in the Middle East Dubai nightlife's resident trailblazer eyes Asia expansion Why streaming is the future of TV in the Middle East.

Middle East; Expats; Dubai: Desert oasis or mirage for expats? But even establishing a new business in Dubai is fairly easy. The city’s compact size help, as do the government funds for.

Editor, Middle East Business Report, BBC World, Dubai Mr Vail spends time at the Creek rather than working Pajani Vail came to Dubai a year ago to work in construction.

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