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They are set up as a company with no physical mailing address or country of origin. How do I report facebook business page that is a scam? They brought the truck around and Joe apologized for not having anything better but they were also short on inventory because of the recent hail activity in the area.

I told Jenna that I had only driven the truck approximately miles in the 22 hours it was in my care, and that for the most part, it was parked in my garage. Not resolved comments Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it.

Also included with the letter was a copy of the estimate which I have carefully reviewed. Metro VW was sure I would be okay with that since they had arranged for me to have a vehicle to drive while mine was in the shop. This is a full-blown, but classic, scam. Here are the details: The woman who checked in the truck remarked on the hail ding on the hood; I said the guy who rented me the truck the day black enterprise business report facebook scam said not to worry about that.

In order to sustain the scam for as long as possible to get as many suckers as possible, they hold off complaints with periodic e-mails about delays due to being soooo popular and, on occasion, send the inferior products. As I stated in my opening paragraph, this scandalous practice by Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a shakedown of innocent people that comes very close, in my opinion, to insurance fraud.

How does one report it? They had promised a loaner vehicle, but due to a shortage of cars because of recent hailstorms, they arranged instead a rental vehicle from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

At the Enterprise office W. On Friday, August 12th, I received a second letter from Enterprise stating that "Our review indicates that you are responsible for the damages to our vehicle. They sent a form requesting either my insurance information or my credit card information for payment.

In the infamous words of Howard Beale "Network". Since I was going out of town the next day with plans to be gone a week, I suggested that it was wasteful for me to keep a rental car parked in my garage for a week since Metro VW was paying the billand asked if I could drive it to the airport the next morning and turn it in.

They make a video of some cool-looking--but non-existing--product and sell it based entirely on the faked video. This is not an effective system, if only because I do not wish to block them. Yes No 47 Report. Private message Share Share Helpful? When I returned from vacation, there was a letter from Enterprise which stated "our Damage Recovery Unit has received notification of damage or loss to the vehicle you rented.

Top 7 Scams Targeting Small Businesses

They never deliver or, they deliver a similar product they just bought at some discount outlet that is a fraction of the worth and basically use facebook as a marketing vehicle for the scam. Contemplating what my next step should be, I went to the Internet and Googled "Enterprise rental car damage scam.

This fraudulent activity on the part of businesses has GOT to stop. He had been writing on a clipboard all this time, so I assumed he was noting the prior damage but now looking at the contract, I suppose I assumed wrong as nothing is noted.

That is not reporting the scam; it is simply blocking the scam. I also noticed another serious discrepancy.

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I found it curious that on June 23rd, Jenna had told me the front bumper was loose, but the estimate is for replacing the hood and repairing the grille. In fact, my husband has been victimized by this same scam in the past. In or thereabouts, another driver hit his company vehicle so their insurance company was responsible for paying for a rental vehicle for him while his SUV was being repaired.

Presumably, if enough people block it, maybe Rather, I would like facebook to look into such scams. There was no way I had damaged the front bumper of the truck, I told her, and she said she would refer it to the Damage Recovery Unit for investigation. In fact, this particular truck was from Houston, he said, and had quite a few hail dings, too.

I noticed that, on facebook, if one were to click on the dropdown menu to report a page, all it does is go to a dialog box allowing the user to block the page or otherwise end communication.Top Small Business Scams Revealed by FTC, BBB (FindLaw's Free Enterprise) Small Businesses, Beware Fake Government Agents (FindLaw's Free Enterprise) Bitcoin Extortion Scam: 3 Things Business Owners Should Know (FindLaw's Free Enterprise) Follow @ChrisRCoble.

See more of Black Enterprise on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now Black Enterprise Business Report. Nchantment Shoes. DJ M.O.S. Related Pages. Prince Harry. He created the Black Restaurant Week platform to showcase the full culinary spectrum from restaurant owners that have legacy in the community and.

I've seen questions about direct scams in facebook and how we should ignore links, etc. But, what if someone has used facebook to set up a fake business.

Jun 30,  · Black Enterprise Business Report is a weekly television show produced by Black Enterprise, Inc. It airs across a range of United States local television stations on varying times and days of the week. Black Enterprise also produces another show titled Our World with Black Enterprise.

A # scam preys on businesses that use PBX systems or other types of telecommunication systems where you have to dial "9" to get an outside line. A fraudster will call the main number at a business and identify themselves as an employee of the phone company.

Enterprise Rent A Car review with Comments: Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it. Here are the details: On June 14 Enterprise Rent A Car - Enterprise Rent-a-Car Damage Scam Sep 03, @ Pissed Consumer.

Black enterprise business report facebook scam
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