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Instructors can advance participants from the Student Progress area, or opt to have those participants proceed in Self-Paced mode. At the conclusion of the exam, the Student Results area displays comprehensive results see 7. However, if the Balanced Scorecard is customized or if the Board Queries are customized by adding more than five questions or deleting more than five questions from the standard exam, comparative data will not be available.

Instructors need only enter a Round 1 start time and a Final deadline by clicking the appropriate rows in the Deadlines column.

Comp - Xm overview

Clicking any cell beneath the Scorecards tab allows instructors to review the current Balanced Comp xm board criteria. If the exam is Pending, clicking the Question cell in each row allows instructors to customize the Board Queries for that round or the Final Board Query.

Schedules for Active Exams can be adjusted. Essay questions have a default point value. While this option creates flexibility, most instructors use the default questions and Balanced Scorecard values.

Unlike the Capstone simulation, Comp xm board is completely self-paced.

7 Comp-XM - 4 The Comp-XM Participant Environment

Clicking any cell beneath the Questions tab allows instructors to review the current set of Board Query questions. If instructors undo a round for a participant, that participant will not receive a percentile rank in the 7.

7 Comp-XM - 2 Exams and 3 Exam Dashboard

I recommend that you block out five 90 minutes sessions to complete the CompXM. Completed An exam that is finished. First, a business simulation similar to the Capstone simulation we used throughout the class and Second, a series of quizzes, called Board Queries, that ask questions related to your simulation environment.

Participants will not be able to go back - they need to be sure their decisions and answers are final. My best advice is to make sure you are familiar with the Capstone Courier and know where to find data.

They can return to it at any time by clicking the Getting Started link. This is because participants assume control of an ongoing company in an evolved market. Some Comp-XM simulations progress on a set schedule. The Dashboard is a central area for all participant activities.

Almost all questions require the Comp-XM Inquirer. If the exam is Pending, clicking the Scorecard cell in each row allows instructors to customize the Scorecard for that round.

Participants can stop work and return later as long as they do not advance to the next round if Comp-XM is in Self-Paced mode or the round deadline does not pass. This page lists all exams.

Selecting All displays every participant. The next page includes instructions on the right and a list of questions on the Comp xm board.

The Comp-XM sensor industry has four competitors. The Perceptual Map has four segments, plus in Round 1 the segment positions are in the middle of the map. The Exam Dashboard is a central area from which instructors access the tools needed to administer and review the Comp-XM exam.

The tool we use for this is called Comp-XM, an integrated evaluation tool that will allow you to demonstrate your business skills. Clicking any cell beneath the Deadlines tab allows instructors to review and update round start and stop times.

You will make four sets of decisions, which are very similar to the decisions you were making as a team in the Capstone simulation. Self-Paced exams only require a Round 1 start time and a Final deadline.

Assurance of Learning The Assurance of Learning area generates reports designed to assist in the evaluation of specific learning goals. Unlike Capstone and Foundation, in Round 1 of Comp-XM all companies have different product locations and financial results.

Easy-to-read reports provide extensive data that can be used for assessment, assurance of learning, and to support accreditation processes. As with your Capstone experience, the quality of your decisions directly affects the position of your company.

They compete against Baldwin, Chester and Digby. Meet the Challenges of Assessment and Assurance of Learning Comp-XM assesses students by measuring their capacity to apply what they have learned in their coursework.

Board Queries are web-based quizzes that relate directly to the results of your simulation. For example, if there is a question about leverage and you forget exactly what leverage is, then look it up before you try to answer the question.

Feel free to use the various help guides that are available. The Board will ask five sets of questions, or Board Queries, that are based on the results of your previous rounds. Please take the time now, to watch the Student Introduction Video provided the simulation developer.Comp-XM® business unit and its tactical execution.

At the beginning of every year, the board of directors will ask you to respond to a set of questions about your situation. View Notes - Comp-XM_Examination_Guide from ECON at Yale University. E XAMINATION GUIDE Capsim Management Simulations, Inc.

Welcome to Comp-XM Your Registration Number Welcome to Comp-XM an. Board Queries Board Queries are web-based quizzes that relate directly to the results of your simulation%(36). Comp-XM Student Scores show the exact results for the Balanced Scorecard and the Board Queries.

The page also provides links to a breakdown of each participant's Balanced Scorecard results and Board Query answers for each round. In the standard Comp-XM setup, each round you will also answer the Board Queries posed by the board of directors.

At the end of the simulation, you will answer a fi fth set of Board Queries, but no/5(6). I need a little help answering the board questions (attached), use the attached inquirer. What is Comp-XM? A simulation-based competency exam, Comp-XM® goes beyond reporting the recall of acquired knowledge.

Comp-XM can be used as a final exam, for curriculum development and program assessment, and to provide data for accreditation with organizations such as AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE and others.

Comp xm board
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