Conclusion of tourism in thailand

The influence of tourism has been divided up into four main sections: According to Knoema, tourists and travel accounted for As we know, industrial development need a lot of money as investment, this amount money lays a solid foundation for industrial development in Thailand.

Economic impact of tourism in thailand. Each year, around 11 million visitors [2] go there. Many people want to visit Thailand due to its rich culture and way of life. Furthermore, Thailand government forecasts that byone job in every 8. In the last 20 years, tourism in Thailand developed rapidly.

Sex Tourism In Thailand

Nine percent of the population is also reportedly to be working in some form of the tourist industry. Negative impact of tourism to the environment. With the increased amount of tourism in Thailand, there has been a steady increase within the sex industry to match the tourism rate. Actually, tourism in Thailand plays an important role in the Thai economic structure even in the whole society, and it has a profound effect on Thai economy.

This makes it hard for the locals to earn a living and then resort to crime and drug sells. The total net foreign exchange earnings ration was 0. It is a great way for people to spend their money and for cities to attract other people.

Figure-2 Floods in Thailand http: Siam Paragon is the 10th biggest shopping mall in the world. Environmental Thailand see over 13 million tourism every year and growing. In addition, many negatives, such as prostitution should not be neglected.

There are a couple things that Thailand is well-known for. Tourism can also bring a negative impact to Thailand as well. Due to the increase of crime there has been a drop in tourism, because many deem Thailand unsafe.

Besides those positive affects, tourism also has negatives in Thai society, such as education. Shopping also bring great benefits to Thai economy.

Tourism in Thailand

During my retirement I hope to use all the wealth I obtained in my life by helping out the less fortunate. Tourism can change the character and culture of the people.Thailand has become well Know around the world for its many tourist attractions. Many tour sites can be found throughout the country that will provide tourists with interesting Knowledge of the unique Thai culture/5(1).

Comparing with European countries, tourism industry in Thailand is underdevelopment.

Consequently, it should be improved significantly. Conclusion. In the next 5 to 10 years, it seems to be seen that tourism industry in Thailand might be a gradual increase. The last section provides conclusions. TOURISM SITUATION IN THAILAND According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (b), the World Tourism Organization estimated that the average growth of international tourists.

In conclusion, tourism plays an irreplaceable part of Thai economy through making a lot of foreign exchange to Thailand and offering jobs to people; in the mean time, Thailand’s government should pay more attention to education and other industry.

Sex Tourism in Thailand Essay. Sex Tourism in Thailand “Sex tourism is both an economic and political phenomenon. It cannot exist without sources of demand, where these types of transactions are considered to be socially and politically legitimate” (Leheny, D.p).

Tourism is Thailand's number one industry, and figures prove to us that there is a great need for the tourism industry in Thailand, as Tourists bring money and supply jobs, creating a multiplier effect, which helps the country to improve its economy and to accomplish development.

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Conclusion of tourism in thailand
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