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After Betty became ill for no apparent reason, he went for help. During the witch trial, Reverend Hale quit from the court. In The Crucible, Betty and Abigail began experiencing weird spells after they were seen dancing in the forest. Many were taken out of their homes by warrants.

Reverend Hale, was one of the only people against the belief in witchery. Witchcraft all started in the winter, when doctors began noticing strange behaviors among three people.

Because Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne stood up and said that they were not witches, they became greatly accused that she put Abigail and Betty under the with spell. Nowhere in this play is there of a mention of the word "crucible.

Some people even refused to believe in its existence. These girls acted strangely" Boraas His voice, as a member of the court, was not heard, so the court then had to go on without him.

It turns out the word has two definitions.

Definition of 'crucible'

Another character, Elizabeth Procter, had a fate different than Giles Corey. Cotton Mather had recently published a popular book, Memorable Providences. I have a warrant for your wife" Miller And what in the world is a crucible, anyway?

Based on weak evidence, these twenty people were widely suspected. Skip line between entries. With all those folks jammed together in a tiny town, there were bound to be some hot tempers.

Trial By Fire The term crucible can also be used metaphorically, which brings us to our next definition: When witchcraft started in the winter ofpeople approached new difficult, out of the ordinary problems in their lives.

Cheever to John Procter: Since she was expecting a child, the court let her live another year to give birth. When a regular doctor came in to examine Betty, he automatically said it was because of witchcraft. This caused many people to be sent into court.

He assured everyone that witchcraft was not the answer, because he was a non-believer of witchery. A Commentary http: When witchcraft started inpeople came to believe it was due to the actions of Satan.

Crucible Definition

Overall, were accused but only twenty- nine were convicted. Salem Witch Trials are trials in Salem, Massachusetts that led to the execution of twenty people for practicing witchcraft.

When Reverend Parris saw these three dancing in the forest, he was surprised. If an accused person did not confess, she was hanged.

The Crucible

And there sure are a lot of tests going on in The Crucible. Seems like a pretty good metaphor for the violent hysteria that the little village of Salem contained during the witch trials.

These girls acted strangely.

After the friends started acting like the two girls had, Tituba was said to have bewitched these girls and their friends.

Yep, Salem became a crucible for many people living there A crucible is a piece of laboratory equipment used to heat chemical compounds to very high temperatures or to melt metal. Cotton Mather had recently published a popular book, Memorable Providences" Linder. She and many of the people exposed to witchcraft were brought to court by the government.The Crucible: Judgment The definition of judgment according to Encarta Encyclopedia, is the formation of an opinion.

It is a simple definition,clear and direct. Essay Topic – define crucible and how its definition is related to the change in the characters in the story A crucible is a container that can withstand very high.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The usual and most widely used definition for crucible, according to the New Oxford Dictionary of English, is: “a pot or vessel made of a substance, such as porcelain, that will withstand extreme heat for the use of melting various materials.”.

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The penalties of the Salem Witch Trials were harsh to the witches. In The Crucible, Giles Corey was deeply pressed by heavy stones while in attempt to save his wife.

Another character, Elizabeth Procter, had a fate different than Giles Corey. Crucible is used to refer to a situation in which something is tested or a conflict takes place, often one which produces something new.

[ literary ] a system in .

Crucible definition essay
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