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Avoid Ecological imbalance and health hazards: Tourism helps in the development of economy of a country.

This gives them an opportunity to build respect for each other. International and Domestic Tourism!

New technique, high-teach communication may bring cultural setbacks, degradation to preserved communities. Tourism involves huge expenditure on part of the tourists. Local people demean themselves to earn more or imitate alien culture, new lifestyles, foreign culture.

2 Types of Tourism: International and Domestic Tourism

The social composition is broader, and domestic tourism involves all social strata, from the richest to persons with modest but stable incomes Holiday tourism is the most popular type. The tourists spend lavishly during vacation. They combine business with recreation using same facilities as provided for holiday tourists.

This increases the overall spending of the person. Given that the barrier represented by trip cost is brought down, domestic travellers seek the best price-quality ratio, or often the lowest possible price, in all segments of the tourism value chain: Galore of cultural differences resultant in varieties of cuisines to please diverse tongues, textiles, artifacts, handicrafts pleasing eyes are other gifts.

Overuse of natural wealth is a serious problem, tourist overuse of mountain trails resulting in abundance in dumping of waste products, food tins, etc. Tourism industry is growing very rapidly in India employing millions of people.

There are many tourism destinations offering yoga, aerobics, and other therapies for improving health and wellness. Tourism provides employment opportunity for local people.

Many people travel for fun and enjoyment. There is immense pressure even on children.

Some points on Domestic Tourism

Out of the four main motivations of tourists discovery, encountering others, experiencing something unique, resting the last two are certainly more prominent among domestic tourists Important Types of Tourism: It is concerned with travelling within the country. Tourism gives opportunity to people of various cultures to assimilate together.

Nowadays, it is considered an industry. A fine weather favourable for sightseeing, touring, recreation and going round different cultural sites are sought after by incoming tourists of this category.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

International and Domestic Tourism Article shared by: Throughout our beautified country there are many thousands of attractions such as glaciers, snow capped peaks, lower hill stations, wild life sanctuaries, deep rain-forests, formidable desert in Rajasthan, sea beaches immense in number in east, west, southern parts.

The combination of these three basic characteristics knowledge and proximity of the destination, lower cost of transport brings about an entire series of other consequences; five of them can be mentioned: They simply do whatever excites them, or gives them enjoyment.

So, today environment friendly or green tourism are being introduced by tourism industries. Certain social categories are much more highly represented in domestic tourism than in international tourism: Different types of tourism can be recognized depending on length of stay, mode of transport used, distance travelled, purpose of trip and price paid Domestic tourism essay tourists.

We should keep tourism within planned limits. Every care should be taken to avoid ecological imbalance and health hazards. Many tourist destinations attract a good number of foreign tourists.

They are too busy in their professional life. Once the natural beauty and human-made beauties are lost, tourism loses its charm and attraction and will collapse. Land transport is predominantly used: So, we must use all potentialities by proper planning, financing acquiring experience, packaging marketing, and boosting creativity, make outstanding appeal to travelers and seek help from private entrepreneurs.Essay about The Management of Tourism at Hengistbury Head - The Management of Tourism at Hengistbury Head Introduction ===== Hengistbury Head is a headland situated in Dorset, owned by Bournemouth Borough Council and managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

5 Factors affecting inbound and domestic tourism * Health, safety and security * Economic recession in the UK * Exchange rates * Weather * Accessibility Economic recession in the UK When the UK economy is doing well, its pound sterling is strong.

Analysing the trends of domestic tourism in India. To examine the motivational factors/ perceptions and attitudes towards domestic tourism in Mumbai city in India. To compare and contrast the motivational factors underpinning domestic tourism identified within the literature, with those identified by the primary data analysis for India.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 14, By Sanjoy Roy Tourism refer to the trips that involve travelling of people outside the place of their residence or work for leisure, pleasure, vacation, business, personal, or other purposes.

Important Types of Tourism: International and Domestic Tourism! Different types of tourism can be recognized depending on length of stay, mode of transport used, distance travelled, purpose of trip and price paid by tourists. Broadly speaking, there are four major types of tourism namely: (i.

Domestic tourism (DT), historically speaking, is in fact the first form of tourism that was practised and today it continues to account for the most part of this activity by far: it is estimated that out of the billion tourist arrivals per year ( figure), 4 billion, or 83%, correspond to domestic tourism.

Domestic tourism essay
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