How to write a patient care report narrative

Oxygen was initiated by Attendant 1 at 15 lpm via non-rebreather mask.

Writing a Patient Narrative 101

Equal grips; Good pulse, motor function, and sensation in all extremities; No pain in extremities. Just write or type whatever comes to mind. Just draw a line on a piece of paper, choose a starting date—perhaps the day of your diagnosis—and then fill in some noteworthy or significant events that lead to the other end of the line, which is where you are today.

A patient care report, more commonly known as a PCR, is a summary of what went on during an emergency call. This can help kick start your creative process because it gives you a visual to work from. Patient states they are breathing easier now.

Unit responded emergency, with lights and sirens to the scene. Everyone—from all of us here at Patient Commando, to fellow patients across the country—is looking forward to reading what it is you have to say.

A good story needs a foundation to be built on and setting a structure—no matter how simple—helps the flow of the writing. No complaints of pain; Skin — warm, dry, color within normal limits. Patient requests transport to Emergency Department for evaluation.

Conclude with the time you turned her over to the emergency room and what condition she was in at the time. Patient was secured to stretcher using stretcher straps and stretcher was secured into ambulance. Structure and Research These two go hand-in-hand in moving your story along.

The general impression of the patient was moderate distress. Try and have realistic expectations. Write down the chief complaint of the caller based on what she tells you.

The tag is only appropriate for clinical discussion or emotional support.


FD placed patient on oxygen via a mask. Tell a Story The next part of the PCR is called the narrative and should include notes you took about what you saw when you arrived on the scene and how you interpreted the situation.

Sample Narrative – Respiratory Distress

Notice of Privacy Practices pamphlet was left with patient. Flat; No complaint of nausea; Non-tender. Patient is conscious and alert. No incontinence; Pelvis stable. Patient states they are feeling better.

How to Write a Patient Care Report

FAQ courtesy of Be yourself In writing, as in life, honesty is everything. Turn and Face the Strange… The major changes in my life—two for the better, two for the worse N. Patient was assisted up, pivoted, placed onto wheeled stretcher.

Post Examples of PCR Narratives

The primary problem appears to be Respiratory Distress. Starting with a single event allows you to work from within that space and your story will grow outwards from it.

Top Ten Story Ideas We know, writing tips are all well and fine, but what do you write about? Treatment Finally, end the PCR by accounting for everything you did to help the patient.Writing a Patient Narrative Patient Commando knows how a diagnosis can change everything—from the way your children look at you to how you approach a staircase.

Change is pretty much the number one de facto element of life and embracing it. 6 ways to write a better patient care report. the best some medics can do in the detailed assessment is to write "patient has pain to the arm.".

PATIENT DISPOSITION TIME NARRATIVE Allowed Treatment, Refused Transport Canceled by EMS Canceled by Fire Department Canceled by First Response Canceled by Law Enforcement Dead at Scene No Patient Found EMS Patient Care Report Author: IDPH Subject: EMS Keywords: EMS Created Date.

May 10,  · I know different philosophies and formats for patient care report narratives, but looking to see various examples of them. How those formats and philosophies actually play out into actual narratives.

Detailed explanation of medical necessity: Your narrative should be detailed and provide a clear explanation for why the patient needed to be transported by ambulance. Include what the medical. SOAP Patient Care Report. The NEW SOAP Patient Care Report is ready to help write your medical reports.

You can use it at There has been a great response from those already using the new app. If you have questions, please contact me here.

How to write a patient care report narrative
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