How to write an adventure story ppt airport

The activities build on an existing knowledge base and challenge students to acquire new skills such as how to customize the slide master, set transition settings to control slide advancement, insert and format action buttons, and apply advanced animation techniques.

We loved the idea of students researching emerging technology, dreaming about future inventions, and then interweaving those ideas into a story. You can use PowerShow. TechnoFuture has been a favorite for many years. Will they go to school, meet up with friends, or complete their chores?

At TechnoKids we have written projects that have students assume the role of entrepreneurs, travel agents, and even anthropologists. Language Arts and Technology TechnoFuture has students develop a story using second person narrative. Computer Studies Project Do you want to teach advanced multimedia skills?

Short Story Writing Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Science and Technology TechnoFuture can be just a fun science fiction story. You can with TechnoFuture. The technology project begins with students researching emerging technology and completing a planning sheet to organize their ideas. The story they produce is written as a Choose Your Own Adventure.

I hope you love this technology project as much as we do! However, this was the first time we have used the software to produce a non-linear Choose Your Own Adventure story.

Resources are provided to guide students through this step including sample stories, bookmarked articles and online videos. Our readers liked the ideas, so we went one step further and created an entire technology project that includes a teacher guide, workbook, and resources. Instead, it is perfect for middle school students in need of a challenge.

Check out your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, any scene, dialogue, situation etc in story and make sure that everything is compatible and linked to each other.

On each story page they are given a choice about what will happen next.

The activities have strong curriculum ties to language arts learning objectives providing teachers with a wonderful opportunity to incorporate technology into their education program. If you feel some change in scenes, dialogues etc. This technology project is best suited to students familiar with the basic features of PowerPoint.

TechnoFuture is not for beginners. The creation of the Choose Your Own Adventure story follows the stages of the writing process including planning, writing, editing, and revising text.

Last year, Intel released an anthology of stories.Powerpoint story (choose your adventure) 1. Choose Your Story 2. Choose a Character Click on which character you want to help 3.

Write a Choose your Own Adventure Story with PowerPoint

Lucy Hi I’m Lucy, I am a tiger and I live in a little town called Genovia. Frank’s Story WRITE MY STORY 7. Lucy’s Story WRITE MY STORY 8. Alex’s Story WRITE MY STORY Recommended Learning to Run Webinars.

Great short story writing tips by everybody should keep in mind before writing any short story. By keeping these points you can write short stories like a real writer. This is a comprehensive resource that will help children recognise an adventure story, identify and talk about what makes an adventure story different from other stories, sequence the key events of an adventure story using lists, maps and storyboards, describe the key characters of an adventure story and plan and write their own adventure story.

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One of my favourite units to deliver! You will find a complete plan and resource base to inspire your class to write an interactive story. Watch the powerpoint first /5(18). Powerpoint template to enable pupils to create their own adventure game story (choose your own adventure). Adventure Game Powerpoint Story.

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How to write an adventure story ppt airport
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