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During the experiment on two occasions the disc would either not imprint anything on to the ticker tape paper or come off during that experiment. This force is proportional to the mass of the object. This created the possibility for the cart to be released slightly before or after the ticker tape timer was activated.

Then plot each displacement value in accordance with its time interval on a position-time graph. Name the g value from this method as "gII.

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The first improvement would be the creation of a tool to allow one person to operate both the ticker tape timer and release of the car. The tape will have a line of dots caused by the sparks on it with increasing distances between subsequent dots. To determine the displacement of the cart, find the area underneath the line of the velocity-time graph and to find the acceleration of the cart, find the slope of the line of the velocity-time graph.

Then plot that average velocity as the dependent variable on a velocity-time graph; plot time as the independent variable. Though the machine worked quite effectively the problem was encountered with the purple carbon disc that created imprints on the ticker tape paper. Measure the initial distance, Yi, between dots 1 and 5.

You may use the same clear plastic ruler to measure, and convert your measurement from cm or mm to meters. Name the g value from this method as "gI.

The cm plastic ruler may not be long enough. Also placing groove on the board which the car could run along on the ramp would allow the car to have a constant start and end track on the board. Ignore the very first few points that are so close to each other.

It should however be exactly the same as the displacement of the cart at the interval. Measure y and use it in the above equation to solve for g again. Though it may not seem drastic because the time measurements being recorded are so miniscule such a synchronization problem can significantly change in average velocities per interval.

The acceleration of gravity g can then be found by distance measurements in between selected dots. During the experiment there were difficulties that sometimes occurred with the ticker tape timer. The data collected from this experiment was quite accurate and testing was performed quite smoothly, however as stated early, there is always room for improvement.

This can be done through finding the slope of each interval Then multiply each average velocity by its time interval to get the displacement. You may use a clear plastic ruler to measure, and convert your measurement from cm or mm to meters.

Improvements There are two major improvements that can be proposed to make the data collected from this experiment more precise and accurate. You should get a similar result. This would eliminate the variation of places the car could start and finish from and the chance of the car falling of the board near the end of its run.

The Earth gravity exerts a measurable force on every object in its vicinity. Each group of students should make a data tape and let it fall freely in the spark gap to obtain a set of dots. Your lab instructor will demonstrate the use of the spark timer and the spark sensitive paper.

You need a meter stick to measure it. This is essentially allowing a strip of spark sensitive paper to fall freely in between the spark gap of a spark generator that sparks at a rate of This resulted in trails having to be repeated and the waste of lab materials to retrieve accurate data.Laboratory 1, Problem 4: Motion down an incline with initial velocity McIntyre 1 SAMPLE LABORATORY REPORT Laboratory 1 Problem # & Title: 4:.

Spark Timer Lab. Uploaded by Kshitiz Vijayvargiya. Related Interests. Acceleration; Velocity; Speed; Timer; assemble the set up as shown in the figure below. 4e sure to use to mount the spar$ timer apparatus to the table top. Spark Timer Apparatus 2 strips of paper (each 4 feet long) hanging mass meterstick Example 5/5(1).

The Child Report graphs the child’s progress in each of the 7 Domains. Graphs in the child report are based on the child’s raw score (the net number of mastered milestones in each domain) and show the child’s progress by. investigation, the groups were each given a toy car, a spark timer, and spark tape.

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The spark-timer tool creates dots on the spark-tape for every tenth of a second, which we collected data from, and then used Documents Similar To AP Physics Lab Report 1.

Dynamics Hibbeler Chapter 12 Notes. Uploaded by. big_sloth. Physics Report. SCIENCE - UNIFORM MOTION SPARK TIMER LAB NAME:_____ Introduction: In this experiment you will be using spark timers and dynamics carts to observe uniform motion.

For a graph of distance vs time for uniform motion, the. A spark generator, a few meters of spark sensitive tape, a Metric ruler, masking tape, a small and heavy weight, and a calculator Your lab instructor will demonstrate the use of the spark timer and the spark sensitive paper.

For example, the time it takes.

Lap report spark timer essay example
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