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One of them is the use of multiple medical specialists or medical systems to care for one individual. The psychological trauma caused Medical errors essay example committing a medical error can be overwhelming to a nurse.

Reducing the figure of medical mistakes is rather disputing in bettering the American wellness attention system. An order for the healthcare professional and the profession of health care in general can have the trust of the populace ; healthcare professionals must follow a venerable attitude toward the revelation of human infirmity and medical mistake.

View Full Essay Words: Other practitioners can then analyze the reports, learn from them, and find possible ways to avoid a repeat of such errors.

Researchers estimate that about half of all medication errors are preventable. In this situation the nurse taking the order should read back the order to the prescriber. The JCAHO standards also require hospitals and individual health care providers to inform in the course of treatment.

Identifying errorsDoctors, nurses, and pharmacists share a common goal of identifying medical errors, understanding their causes, and making system wide changes to reduce medical risks.

Nurses should guarantee that all relevant information sing the sequence of events taking to the inauspicious result is presented as clearly and openly as possible.

Disclosing errors, thus, needs tremendous moral courage and commitment to professional integrity.

It is of import to understand how medical mistakes occur so healthcare professionals and directors can place jobs and supply penetration into how to do betterments to rectify. Household productivity and loss of income are among the common results of medical errors.

Professional societies are besides concerned with patient safety.

Ethics, law, and the literature suggest that when a health care provider makes a mistake, he or she has a moral obligation to reveal the errors to the patient with a timely and honest disclosure. Get Access Medical Errors Essay Sample Medical errors occur with such frequency and regularity that most states require periodic, ongoing medical education for all health care providers as part of their licensing requirement.

Reports to voluntary systems typically come from practitioners or other healthcare workers who are close to the cause of the error and who can best describe the specific conditions that led to that error. In an exigency state of affairs the usage of a verbal order is appropriate.

However, expansion of existing programs and the establishment of new voluntary reporting systems to cover gaps in the current complement are encouraged.

Quality experts agree that one of the most common cause of errors is the medical system itself, not the individuals functioning within the system Woo, A. More than 20 states currently have mandatory reporting systems, yet state officials say that underreporting persists Nordenberg, The rationale for disclosure, based on ethical issues of autonomy, goes beyond what the law might require one to do.

Nurses who are committed to their patients experience responsible for their well-being. When health care providers are tired and fatigued, they are more prone to make mistakes. In add-on to the pecuniary cost of mistakes. Again, this time crunch leads to medical errors.

Typically the problem is a system problem and not necessarily the result of one individual. The Agency also reviews MedWatch reports for possible medication errors. Medical errors traumatize patients but also negatively affect nurses.

A disclosure of error can be challenging for most nurses because they find it difficult to acknowledge their errors openly before patients and colleagues. Nonetheless, each individual health care provider needs to be aware of common errors and be aware of steps to prevent them.

Better error descriptions make effective analysis possible. Poor communication between the specialists is commonplace and one specialist often is not aware what the other specialist is doing.

Several factors militate against mistake revelation:Medical errors Essay Sample Published by admin on November 28, Patients rely on wellness attention professionals and establishments for their safety and wellbeing (“Quality and patient.

” ). May 07,  · For example, a study that was conducted by Orgeas determined that the most critical departments (such as: the ICU) are facing these challenges with him saying, " Identifying medical errors (MEs) that serve as indicators for iatrogenic risk is crucial for purposes of reporting and prevention.

This Nursing Essay on Medication Errors is a sample of the essays you will find on this blog. If you need essay writing help this is the right place to be. is a professional Homework Writing Help Website. April 14, N, MEDICATION ERRORS Alternative assignment in-lieu of clinical attendance A SYNOPSIS: STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING MEDICATION ERRORS Inthe Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report, "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System," in which, according to the report, between 44, and 98, deaths may result each year from medical errors in hospitals alone.

FDA also reviews about 1, reports of medication errors per month. Before administering a medication, it is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the right patient is receiving the right medication, for the right reason/s, the right dosage and route, at the right time.

Examples of treatment medical errors are errors in issuing the treatment, dose or method of using a drug, error in the performance of an operation, a test, or procedure. Avoidable delays in treatment, responding to a test, and giving inappropriate care also examples of treatment medical errors.

Medical errors essay example
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