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In Biblical times there were people here. Our solution, shown in FIG. The system metrics are, of course, specific to a given threat scenariobut typically include: The method of claim 15 wherein the operation of generating further comprises Moes papr said fourth plurality of signals to said fifth plurality of signals.

MOPs quantify the ability of the Moes papr to meet a design parameter. IPSim-Analysis tools allow us to Moes papr the locations of the sensors and collective protection rooms in buildings based on the expected target of the terrorists and the probable release locations, as defined in the Installation Vulnerability Report.

Our open architecture, capabilities-driven process and prototype testing in the SIL all combine to facilitate rapid modernization. Sensors detect and identify the release of agents, and the EOC issues warnings for individuals to seek protection.

The Maintenance Control building, with HVAC off, provides over 20 minutes of protection before effects are significant. Through the use of modeling toolsa quantitative estimate of the system metrics is obtained, in data processing systemfor threat scenario based on a given allocation of threat-protection resources We determine installation-specific rankings, weightings and constraints for the MOEs based on an interview with the installation commander and a review of his AT plan during the site survey.

We used the terrorist targeting of mission critical population as a guide. We meet our other goals: Medical responders continue to use the existing CONOPS Moes papr establish the triage area, provide life saving treatment, isolate contaminated personnel and transport casualties to the hospital.

The web services integration server provides centralized control over message routing and can transform messages into new messages to accommodate changes in system components.

Coordination with the local hospital is accomplished via existing mechanisms and MOUs. This reduces the time for response to a CBRN release. We changed CBR agents, release quantities and locations, and weather to ensure our solution and methodology provided effective protection and consistent results.

Modeling tools are available to gauge the affects of specific CBRN threats or incidents. Since the partial solution did not address decontamination, we computed a large restoration time improvement for attack scenarios requiring restoration. The Warning System is integrated with the installation C4I systems and provides situational awareness of the sensor network and protected areas, sensor C2, video surveillance monitoring, hazard prediction using VLSTRACK or HPAC, decision support based on predetermined hazard analyses developed during our FoS design process, and selective or mass alarm capabilities.


The method of claim Moes papr comprising installing said first group of threat-protection elements or said second group of threat protection elements based on which of these groups resulted in said more desirable valuation of said metric.

This computer redundancy improves system availability. The communications server routes the reports and directives to the intended recipients as voice and text using TTP-defined communications avenues.

Technology developers provide usage and test data to support Government approval. The system metrics are, of course, specific Moes papr a given threat scenariobut typically include: Our IPP operators are the current EOC personnel who continue to interface with the installation commander, responders, supporting organizations, and higher echelons, employing existing CONOPS, phone and radio communications.

We utilize sensor placement and analysis tools derived from existing models to determine critical solution parameters. The report server generates directives and reports in TTP-defined layouts. Our solution anticipates that local support may be required, and is available through existing MOUs.

Navy to achieve significant capability improvements within limited budgets. This trade-off based optimization process requires that we can quantify the major system-level MOEs.

We made the assumptions listed below, in addition to those provided in the Sample TD, to produce an accurate quantifiable comparison of solutions, using the MOEs: We employ this dynamic, adaptable process, to sustain competition in an environment of rapidly evolving threats and capabilities.

Our approach allows parallel developments within different organizations, using their own tools and funding, to converge and integrate into a common FoS environment.

This subsystem guides the on-duty EOC staff in confirming CBRN event occurrences, identifying at-risk personnel, issuing warnings and protection directives, and initiating unobtrusive protective actions such as reconfiguring building HVAC systems.

Our design process uses the ranked, weighted MOEs to evaluate candidate solutions and to determine optimal solutions.

Visitor and truck traffic pass primarily through Gate 1, making this the primary area needing protection.

Message is the commercial service that warns selected personnel using voice messages via cell phones and telephones and text messages using pagers.

The method of claim 1 wherein the operation of modeling further comprises using a human response model, wherein said human response model evaluates the effectiveness of human response to a specified threat based on a particular concept of operation.

Our architecture also includes CBRN sensor subnets, C2 Warning and Consequence Management Systems with decision support, alarm systems, protection equipment, emergency responder equipment, bio-sample filters, medical equipment, medical surveillance, and decontamination equipment.Dec 13,  · Measurable enterprise CBRNE protection.

United States Patent Application MOEs quantify the utility of the system in the intended application. MOPs quantify the ability of the system to meet a design parameter. PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator ACRONYM Full Title PBL Performance-Based Logistics ; PC Personal.

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