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Cheaper labor cost from neighboring countries helps Singapore save a lot of costs. It is because laws and regulations are tough and even a small hassle with the law can prove costly. Top executives are usually responsible for strategic management.

It is said that the value of free speech for the parties is limited. Furthermore, technology improvement in the retail section such as mobile and online payment, member cards; help the consumer to experience easier The company has unique attribute in the industry such as self-assembly.

Legal threats are always a major problem before the big businesses. It is because research has also proved that better customer service also leads to better customer service. Before setting foot on any of the international markets, it is important to get the local nuances right. When tariffs are imposed, on imported goods, the price of those goods will increase, which will benefit the local manufacturers who are not obligated to reduce their price.

The defamation laws require opposition parties to be careful that political comments do not lead to costly defamation suits or imprisonment.


The residents could easily connect to the rest of the world. Political stability of the country is the main component of the political factors that affects the businesses. More solutions to this problem are needed.

Social and cultural factors too can have a deep impact on business and its profits. Technology has become central to nearly everything in the 21st century. Economic factors Represent the factors which affect the business decision making and operations of the firms.

Now that the economic scenario is better and the condition of employment has kept improving, the brands all over the world are enjoying better sales and higher profits. It owns substantial productive assets.

There are cross-border e-commerce laws and policies. Product quality is also an important issue. It still follows traditional family values.

It is among the most competitive countries. It also provides great business opportunities. The maker of home furnishing products is known for its low prices and great quality products.

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis for Ikea Singapore Essay

It is true that the younger generation has the tendency to follow western culture and values. The growth is driven by several factors. Technological factors These factors influence the cost quality of the outputs.pestle analysis of singapore.

Pest Analysis of Singapore Word. IKEA`s Strategic Management. Singapore Ppt. Thailand - PESTLE Analysis. Assignment – PEST Singapore Business Environment Prepared By: Liew Yin Hoon MR For: Dato’ Dr Mohd Taib Hashim 04th-April/4(9). In this article, I will talk about the external factors that have an impact on Singapore.

I have added a PESTLE analysis of Singapore. PESTLE is a business tool used to study the macro-environmental factors. It is an acronym for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors.

PESTLE Analysis of IKEA. Find the latest and comprehensive SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of IKEA, a Swedish multinational retail giant specializing in furniture. PEST analysis of IKEA Political Factors: hi can i know more about ikea singapore pest analysis?

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Load more Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Since then, IKEA has officially opened its stores in more than 30 countries, including Singapore. Analyzing IKEA’s marketing environment, consisting of micro-environment and macro-environment factors, plays an important role in its success.

Swot and Pestel Analysis for Ikea Singapore. Topics: Strategic management, insight view of the company such as PESTLE/STEP analysis, SWOT, resourced based view and value chain, which helps in giving the information that reveals the current position of the firm in the market.

Further, these tools have been used to analyse Goldman Sachs.

Pestle ikea singapore
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