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What did Ambedkar want to achieve through the temple entry movement? It constructed an anti-Hindu and anti-Brahamanical discourse of Indian nationalism. This system of inegalitarianism led to the process of exploitation by the unproductive Brahamanical castes of the various productive castes.

He wanted to show that like the upper castes, the lower castes too had every right to equality. Nagi Reddy and E. Like Birsa Munda who envisioned a golden age free from diksusand all other forms of evil, Jyotirao Phule too believed in a golden age free from the Aryans and their ideas of caste. By dedicating his book Gulamgiri to the American movement to free slaves, he linked the conditions of the black slaves in America with those of the lower castes in India.

For example, Rammohun Roy used ancient texts to show that the practise of sati or widow burning had no sanction. This demand for labour was met by the population migrating from the villages Ramaswami naicker essays on religion and society towns. This perspective led him to think differently from the dominant stream of social and political thought of his time.

When he realized that the salvation of Dalits was not possible while living within the fold of Hinduism, he started his scathing criticism and tirade against Hinduism and ultimately sought the emancipation of Dalits and its empowerment from outside the Hindu religion.

The upper castes had therefore no right to their land and power. Within the Dalit-Bahuhjan framework of Indian nationalism, Ambedkar built up a critique of pre-colonial Brahmanism and its asymmetrical social set up based on low and high dichotomy of graded caste system.

False c Reformers got full support from all sections of the people of the country. Without such internal strength, swaraj for Hindus may turn out to be only a step towards slavery".

They questioned the various social injustices. Why did Phule dedicate his book Gulamgiri to the American movement to free slaves? More important than the question of defending swaraj is the question of defending Hindus under the swaraj.

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Phule believed that though the upper-caste leaders were then asking people all over the country to unite for fighting the British, once the Britishers had left, they would continue with their oppressive caste policies, thereby causing divisions amongst the very people they were trying to unite.

Only then would social equality be achieved. The communist-secular-social nationalism though based on abolition of class, its ideologues like that of the Hindu nationalism also belonged to the upper-castes and was myopic to the Dalits tribulations. These broken tribesmen employed as guards became untouchables.

Their attempts at reformation would have been seen by many as an attempt to destabilise the existing Indian social order. The following were the different reasons people had for not sending girls to school. His was not a theoretical attempt but a practical approach to the problems of untouchability.

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Their criticism did lead to rethinking and some self criticism among the upper-caste nationalist leaders.

Why were Jyotirao Phule and Ramaswamy Naicker critical of the national movement? Like Jyotirao Phule, he too saw the Brahmins as having no claims to the power which they used for oppressing the lower castes. Get help with your writing. This problem was exterior to them in the sense that it affects only the untouchables.

So, the missionaries would naturally have been attacked by many people across the country. Hence his conversion to Buddhism. He believed that they only wished for unity to serve their purposes, and once the purposes had been served, the divisions would creep in again.

He also criticised the Hindu scriptures by saying that these texts had been used for establishing the authority of the upper castes over the lower castes and the domination of men over women. In the beginning of his social reform crusade, he tried to get respect and equality for the Dalits by bringing reforms within the social set up of Hinduism.

Shri Narayana Guru, another reformer who criticised caste inequality in society, proclaimed the ideals of unity of all people within one sect, a single caste and one guru.Colonial Knowledge S.

Bayly, Caste, Society and Politics in India from the Eighteenth Century to the Modern Age (CUP, ) E.V. Ramaswami Naicker, Essays on Religion and Society 22 Gender and Nationalism Tanika Sarkar, Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation: Community, Religion and Cultural Imperialism and its Discontents in South Asia.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Periyar E. V. Ramasamy; E.

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V. Ramasamy in a rich Balija businessman, was Venkatappa Naicker (or Venkata), and his mother was Chinnathyee, Muthammal. Periyar was generally regarded as a pragmatic propagandist who attacked the evils of religious influence on society. Ramaswami Naicker Essays On Religion And Society Gordon kaufman an essay on theological method thesis robert frost road not taken introduction for a essay on native son aqa gcse english coursework grade boundaries maths statistics coursework mayfield high school.

disadvantaged sections of society into the national mainstream. EARLY LIFE E.V. Ramaswami Naicker was a prominent social reformer of India in the twentieth century.

He was born of Balijsa Naidu parents on 28 September, stories and ridiculed the basic concepts of Hindu religion and philosophy. More. Satish Poduval Acts of culture: religion and the question of democracy in India Religion is the oldest of archives in our subcontinent.

All the principal moments of the ancient relationship of dominance and subordination are recorded in it as codes of authority, collaboration, and resistance. Lahore University of Management Sciences HIST Imperialism and its Discontents in South Asia Spring Society and History, Vol.

35, No. 4 (), E.V. Ramaswami Naicker, Essays on Religion and Society 24 Gender and Nationalism Tanika Sarkar, Hindu Wife.

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Ramaswami naicker essays on religion and society
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