Recruitment and selection seven point plan

Nina Siddle, School Business Manager In terms of an appointments process, I would say have an extremely organised set of guidelines, obviously you can be provided with those through local authorities for example or online but if you have it all the templates set out to use consistently from one appointment to the next so advertising, safeguarding, interviewing, job specifications, having everything organised and at hand and in place so you take a consistent approach.

Social network tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should not be used to conduct reference or background checks. Welcoming the Interviewee Interviewing can be a very stressful experience for some and the more at ease an interviewee is, the better you are able to identify true attributes.

One way of assisting members of the appointing committee to structure their judgements on each candidate is to set up a grid showing an assessment of each candidate in respect of each quality or skill you are looking for; an example of such a grid is given as Appendix B.

Confidentiality All proceedings of appointing committees, including the names of candidates, are strictly confidential and must not be divulged to those who are not members of the appointing committee, other than authorised University officers and in relation to short-listed candidates for teaching faculty posts in the following circumstances.

Alec Rodger’s Seven-Point Plan and Munro Fraser’s Five-Fold Grading System

The circumstances where this is allowable are limited and include, e. Listen carefully to what the candidate says, and the way it is said. It is not acceptable in many countries, for example, to state a preference for male or female, unless something specific about the vacancy requires a particular gender.

Decide on the interview and selection procedure appropriate for the position. Other appointments are made on the recommendation of the Chairperson of the appointing committee. Methods of Selection The methods of selection adopted by an appointing committee should include an interview.

Interviews are better if they are structured and allow every candidate the same opportunities, reducing the possibilities of bias in questions asked. However, a disabled candidate should be asked what adjustments if any they would require to the workplace or conditions of service to enable them to do the job.

It will also often be helpful to applicants to be shown around the place of work and given the opportunity to talk to other employees. Lastly, if possible, discuss the great learning and development opportunities which may be available to them in achieving their professional goals. Person Specification A person specification describes the ideal person to fill the job, and is a profile of the personal skills and characteristics you will look for in the recruitment and selection process.

Applicants may find it easier to answer specific questions than to gauge what they think will be required. In such cases, the appointing committee should decide how the confidentiality could be maintained whilst still requiring the candidate to give a presentation.

A test or selection procedure can be an effective management tool, but no test or selection procedure should be implemented without an understanding of its effectiveness and limitations for the organization, its appropriateness for a specific job, and whether it can be appropriately administered and scored.

Clarissa Williams, School Business Manager At Westwood College we undertook a review of our recruitment and selection process maybe four years ago. Call for references from previous employees, educational institutions or from personal connections. If a selection procedure screens out a protected group, the employer should determine whether there is an equally effective alternative selection procedure that has less adverse impact and, if so, adopt the alternative procedure.

Proper planning at the initial stage of recruitment will save time and avoid confusion at the final stage.

Members of the appointing committee should meet for minutes before the first interview to review the papers, consider what questions will need to be put to candidates and decide on procedural matters, e.

The main tasks of the job. A more systematic approach to the assessment of the need for a new appointment could follow the format outlined below and consider the: Therefore, it is usually restricted to more senior posts.

For a job such as van driver or chauffeur, this is fair; however, for a job which merely requires the person to travel, public transport or taxis may be a workable alternative and to require a driving licence could be unjustifiable. Tests, work samples and presentations should only be required of short list candidates Because tests and requests for writing samples and presentations must be administered consistently across the hiring process without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age 40 or olderor disability, their administration procedure must be approved by Human Resources prior to use.Recruitment and Selection Policy The first point to recognise about recruitment is that it is a process with a number of key stages, all of which combine to enhance your chances of profile is to use the seven headings.

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A well-written job analysis and a descriptive job description is the first step towards a successful Recruitment and Selection plan. A job description is a set of guidelines to assist in profiling. Recruitment and selection are vital to the formation of a positive psychological contract, which provides the basis of organizational commitment and motivation.

Fig. Seven-point plan. Recruitment & Selection. Fig. Five-fold grading system. Once a recruitment plan and strategy are worked out, the search.

Jun 11,  · Rodger 7-point plan and Munro 5-fold grading system. Person specification is a profile of the personal skills and characteristics to look for in the recruitment and selection process. Rodger's 7-point plan: Physical make-up: health, appearance, bearing, Rodger 7-point plan and Munro 5-fold grading syste.

Two well-known systems are suggested in drawing up a person specification: Alec Rodger’s Seven-Point Plan and Munro Fraser’s Five-Fold Grading System.

Each of these gives certain headings under which the attributes of the ideal candidate can be classified. format of a Toolkit on Recruitment and Selection for use in the Public Service.

Points of departure Recruitment and selection is a line management responsibility 17 The effectiveness of recruitment and selection is in itself dependent on the quality of HR plan - ning.

Recruitment and selection seven point plan
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