Thesis on consumer protection in india

However, a start has been made and it can be hoped that these courts can be suitably strengthened in the future. Consumers protection is needed against all types of pollution so that they can enjoy a healthy environment-free from water, air and food pollution. Since these cooperatives purchase commodities Thesis on consumer protection in india bulk and generally directly from the manufacturers they are able to provide goods to the consumers at reasonable prices.

All these practices of adulteration are hazardous to health and life of the consumers and they need protection from them. Such orders are appealable and one can file appeal in the Supreme Court within 30 days. Efforts have also been made to ensure that only goods of a standard quality are sold.

But the most injurious is the widespread practice in India by manufacturers and dealers of spurious drugs which do immense harm to the health and life of the people.

Right to be Informed: There should be prompt settlement of complaints and claims lodged by aggrieved customers. Above all, inthe Indian government passed Consumer Protection Act. The manufacturers and suppliers of goods or services often exploit consumers by adopting a number of unfair and restrictive trade practices.

The following are the important consumer rights: In case the order of the court is not complied with it can award punishment with a minimum imprisonment of one month but which may extend to 3 years. The term includes any other user of such goods when such use is made with the approval of the buyer.

Such a safety valve is necessary for smooth flow of understanding between sellers and buyers.

Need for Consumer Protection | Essay | India | Law

He was cheated and fleeceds that wealth may continue to flow into England, the homeland of the imperialist rulers. Companies are not willing to invest in efficient after-sales service so long as their sales keep increasing.

Consumer Protection in India: Needs and Methods

Consumer awareness about their legitimate rights has been constantly growing in recent years. In case of monopolies, say, railways, telephones, etc. This right applies especially to the drug manufacturers and suppliers. Government, by having special consumer legislation and its strict implementation.

To check hoarding and black marketing, both retailers and wholesalers were ordered to display a list of the stock with them. One is informative advertisement which informs the consumers about the availability of certain products at certain prices.

This Act was based on the economic theory that control of monopolies and prevention of mergers will lead to competition among the manufacturers and suppliers of goods and therefore cause expansion in their output and will therefore also provide benefits to the consumers. The operations of these courts, wherever they have become really functional; have generated quite an awakening among the consumers.

The Right to safety: In some countries the consumers have organised themselves on a voluntary basis to form consumer groups or councils. The affidavits in fact reveal a pretty grim picture showing an utter lack of seriousness on the part of the States to fulfill their statutory obligations.

The Act provides for the setting up of quasijuducial machinery for redressed of consumer-grievances. An appeal can be filed against such order to the State Commission within 30 days.Major Developments towards Consumer Protection in India This paper surveys the major developments in the field of consumer protection in India sincewhen the statutory provisions for regulating unfair trade practices were incorporated for the first time.

THE IMPORTANCE OF CONSUMER RIGHTS PROTECTION ON E-COMMERCE IN INDONESIA Thesis Supervisor: prof. mr. drs. C. (Kees) Stuurman after China and India. 13 This strong economic growth is also correlated with the rise of Indonesian middle class, which.

Short essay on Consumer and Consumer Protection Act. To enable the consumer to have his right to a deal, the consumer protection Act was passed in The Act promises to rectify all that and make accountant both the manufacture; s and providers of service.

7 Most Important Silent Features of the Consumer Protection Act, (India. CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (COPRA) The Consumer Protection Act, is a milestone in the history of socio-economic legislation in the country. consumer protection in india INTRODUCTION Personal service items from a master and servant relationship which was totally different from a lawyer-client relationship or.

for consumer Protection Delhi, University of Delhi p, Bibliography (University of Delhi, Law (Faculty of-) Dissertation) (Dissertation University of Delhi, Law (Faculty of-) {Note: Appendix: P i-lxxiii} ABBI (Rajini) National consumer disputes redressal commission: an agency for consumer protection.

Thesis on consumer protection in india
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