Traditions worth preserving

The singing of Christmas carols around the family piano while my mother played, with a perpetual smile gracing her face as she relished the moment.

The Guardian view on the Sunday roast: a tradition worth preserving

Having been here for four years, I have noticed a decline in tradition not only around campus in general, but in some organizations as well. This absence of promiscuity is probably an important reason that AIDS never became an epidemic in India.

Most of them oppress and enslave women -- killing and raping them to "uphold family honor," for example, or mutilating them to prevent them from enjoying sex, or imprisoning them to prevent them from leading normal, fulfilling lives. Try our feedback form or send e-mail to online technique.

Our Traditions Are Worth Preserving

We definitely need to keep that tradition. But even so, such controls have some benefits, public health experts say. And so it will always be. Now, most freshmen do not even know what one is. For example, many of the most controversial traditions have to do with some type of race or gender issue.

The difference is, that Christians completely ignore the book of Leviticus, except for the one line they use for gay bashing. Many people are prone to waxing sentimental over vanishing cultures, but to my mind there is no culture -- nor has there ever been one -- worthy of preserving in its entirety.

What would our campus be like if we were to discount all traditions Tech has had in the past? Whenever change is on the agenda in the military, the issue of tradition comes up.

The difficulty lies in figuring out which are which. In some cases, it even leads social change when it serves military goals — the military was at the forefront of civil rights when it integrated blacks in What would Tech be without stories about George P.

If it falls behind, even for a moment, the costs can be immense. A roast with all the trimmings can be, in the wrong hands, a bit of meat of uncertain consistency, viscous gravy and overcooked vegetables. The military got rid of most of the truly blatant racism and sexism some time ago.

They are people that already have power. But for a Christian nation, one whose very foundation was laid by men and women of faith, such traditions provide a cultural depth and cohesiveness based on common values of freedom, liberty, and faith. The Freshman Experience kills off the tradition of having freshmen in the same dorm as upperclassmen.

Is Tradition Always Worth Preserving?

Why be so careful not to overstep traditions that historically marginalize whole sets of people? When I was a freshman, seeing someone wearing a Rat Cap at a football game was common.

We have a box under the tree that is specially marked for the Savior, and we each ponder what we will give to Him on this, His birthday.

The challenge is how to keep the pride and heritage these traditions instill, while still keeping in touch with society as is today.

Tradition is what makes up any organization. That is not a reason on its own for keeping alive the tradition of the Sunday roast. We absolutely need to understand the subtleties of a system in order to work within it, engage with all parties, and move forward on social justice and human rights issues.

It has been an integral part of food culture because it is composed of what flourishes in the British climate and soil. As I said before, Tech would just be another institute of higher learning.

But at the same time that homogenizing is going on, differentiation is also happening. I am not saying that it is the end of the world now that the freshmen do not know what a Rat Cap is, but it still takes something away from the atmosphere on our campus.

Its survival means nothing more than that it was perfectly adapted to its environment -- usually a harsh one that no one else coveted.

We can, of course, learn from all of them, and ethnographies are of immense value in reminding us of the flaws in our own culture, and showing us that in many areas there are other, and better, ways of thinking and behaving.

As girls age, the strict controls that many families have over their daughters cannot protect them from rape and sexual assault, since most of those crimes are committed by people known to the women, studies say.

We sang at least two Christmas carols for each visit, and with four brothers, two sisters, and musically gifted parents, we sounded pretty good.

This shows our constant devotion to God.Is love Worth Preserving Love is a universal feeling or emotion and every human on earth throughout history has experienced in one form or the other. Many plays, drama or stories are surrounded by betrayal, hurt; pain, trials, triumphs, wars, passion, forgiveness, commitment and romance.

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Is Any Culture Worth Preserving?

I don't believe that tradition is always worth preserving and I have several points to support my position. First of all, Japan has a lot of traditional cultures such as festivals, kimonos, and sumo. Our Traditions Are Worth Preserving By Richard Larsen Published – Idaho State Journal, Published 12/20/09 It's been said that the only constant in life is.

We preserve traditions passed down through generations. Emily Paster wants us to bequeath a tradition of preserving, too. In her new book, The Joys of Jewish Preserving, Paster offers up well-researched recipes from both Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions. Another tradition not worth preserving is ‘religious education’ and ‘religious assembles’ in public schools.

This is an effect of the colonial past of Jamaica. Youngsters should practice their own beliefs and way of life outside of school. The Guardian view on the Sunday roast: a tradition worth preserving Editorial The number of times families sit down to share the traditional midday meal is in steep decline.

Traditions worth preserving
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