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In the LCA, this means a shift from impact categories dominated by energy use to which categories that material use dominates. This may also be the case where used alternators from Germany are shipped to India and Sierra Leone for remanufacturing there. She was also a reviewer of a European Ph.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. While the motor efficiency is well-documented, the average efficiency is heavily dependent on different factors like speed, load and operating conditions [ 52 ].

He wrote the paper and prepared the figures and tables. The data for the SLCA are from the social hotspot database [ 3334 ] and other international database available online in addition to scientific literature.

Our starting point for the analysis is that the three different design alternatives have the same performance e. As the underlying replacement probabilities data are not collected by the authors of this paper, it has not been possible to investigate the range of this data.

LCC results from the user perspective.

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Remanufacturing can play an important role unave marunthu essay help a way to close the material cycles and thereby contribute to less material and energy use [ 134567 ], which are the important steps to realise a sustainable development.

Therefore, the major share i. The alternator is the electricity generator in the automobile vehicle which produces the needed electricity.

Results of the environmental LCA of remanufactured alternators alternative 1, conventional - location, Germany.

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This assumption also influences the LCA results. It was surprising that the labour cost was so less important even in Germany, as the remanufacturing industry is normally considered as being labour intensive [ 36 ]. A finding in this study is that the much favoured lightweight strategy is not necessarily fruitful when the life cycle of the automotive part like the alternator is taken into account.

MF defined the case object alternator and directed the research from the start to the end. On the other side, the lightweight alternatives save some fuel in the use phase compared to the conventional heavier alternator due to the lighter weight.

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This finding also holds for the LCC. Child labour should not be tolerated in any considered remanufacturing scenario.

Design alternative 2 is a lightweight alternator 4. In this study the replacement probabilities for the different parts of the alternator are of major impor-tance. Figure 5 represents the LCA results for design alternatives 2 lightweight and 3 ultra-lightweight relative to design alternative 1 conventional of remanufactured alternators.

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This means a potential positive impact by the reduction of child labour in Sierra Leone and India, but without impact in Germany. Sustainability is an international issue with increasing concern and becomes a crucial driver for the industry in international competition.Unnavae Marunthu Tamil Essay.

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About Us. At Dr. Mehrotra, we provide comprehensive medical care for children from newborns to 21 years with an integrative approach to child health. Our language capabilities at the office include Spanish and Hindi. Nov 30,  · UNAVE MARUNTHU PART- 1 BY ultimedescente.com KANNA ultimedescente.com ultimedescente.com will help explain rituals and practices from the standpoint of rationale, logic and wisdom carried forward from one.

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We thank Kai Lindow, Robert Woll and Rainer Stark at Department of Industrial Information Technology, Technische Universitaet. நெல்லிக்காய் பொடி, தான்றிக்காய் பொடி, மருதாணி பொடி.

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