Vulnerable populations and self-awareness essay

Teenagers face health issues that stem from overweight, which contributes to other problems like heart disease and diabetes. According to California diabetes program "Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in children and are growing public health problems.

The Semantic Differential Technique. Before learning about this vulnerable population, I became frustrated easily because I feared I would not be able to care for them properly.

Having an intellectual disability sounds like a lonely existence. Salud Public De Mexico, Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness Paper As we grow older, we face challenges that we think we can Vulnerable populations and self-awareness essay that sometimes our bodies do not allow us to achieve.

Generally speaking, Gary has a full life. With early intervention and improved health care, life span continues to increase. Bley has been married to his wife Vulnerable populations and self-awareness essay 56 years.

It also can be thought of as, in the context of an emergency, a person who might need additional assistance because of language barriers, a disability, limited resources or other reason APHA, Bley denies his hearing loss is affecting his activities of daily living and also denies that his Emphysema is affecting his daily activities as well.

Today there is a better understanding and tolerance of the intellectually disabled and far more resources for them and their families to access. A call for action, now!. Gary lives at home with his parents and has a very structured routine with is very suitable for people with intellectual disabilities.

This demographic change introduces many interrelated social, economic, political, education, and health problems. After this particular interaction, I learned to keep my distance when this population was around. In conclusion, my perceptions before and after learning about this vulnerable population remain virtually the same, indifferent.

Patient sub-populations who are at enhanced risk for harm resulting from a disease or condition, or by the effects of a drug, such as people with compromised immune systems Health Canada, Some people may believe that a "vulnerable population" may be another way to label a certain population by the healthcare professions to segregate patients to allow for more monies to come in through federal government subsidies.

This paper will reflect my own personal awareness of the elderly population before studying the demographics; cover attitudes, biases, and stereotyping; the effects of my attitude after my research; and how my new knowledge might affect my health care delivery.

A Call For Action, Now! This makes it hard to get a job in the hospital.

Vulnerable Populations and Self Awareness Essay

I have not had much experience or interaction with persons with intellectual disabilities. The elderly is one of the sub groups of the population which require special care in specific needs.

With the retirement age of 65, most adults of this age cannot afford to retire due to the ever rising prices of health care. This can be assistance with daily living activities, which we did not realize would become a burden on us. This is not to stereotype all intellectually disabled persons as friendless but to highlight my ignorance on this subject matter.

Gary attends church, has friends, and participates in Special Olympics. In essence, I thought that these people were stupid.Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness All people have biases and self awareness is the key.

Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness Essay

Understanding how personal attitudes and values can affect the delivery of health care to the individual, the family and the various vulnerable populations will enable us to better identify and, serve without bias.

Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness. One of the most common vulnerable populations are those individuals with a cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s disease - Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness introduction. People with advanced AD are more challenging to assist in a health care setting because of their difficulty with.

Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness University of Phoenix Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness The vulnerable population chosen as the focus of this paper are the mentally retarded or intellectually disabled - Vulnerable Populations and Self Awareness introduction.

According to the tenth revision of the WHO (world health Organization):. How to Write a Research Paper on Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left.

Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness Paper Barbara D.

Ross University of Phoenix Health Assessment and Promotion for Vulnerable Population NUR Marcella Hardy - Peterson April 19, Vulnerable Populations and Self-Awareness Paper The social stigma of cigarette smoking has grown over the last 25 years. Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper Effective healthcare is dependent on understanding vulnerable individuals and populations with respect to biases and prejudices of healthcare providers.

According to de Chesnay (), “Vulnerability is a general concept meaning susceptibility, and.

Vulnerable populations and self-awareness essay
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